Steel, Alu, Stainless steel

Our steel, aluminium and stainless steel warehouses supply our 60.000 customers : metal workers and builders, locksmiths and other Building craftsmen. We distribute over 100.000 tons of steel per year to the French and Swiss markets.

We provide our clients with a large range of services that fit their needs : delivery with lorry cranes, concrete studies, production of steels against drawings, surface treatment, cut-to-size and galvanisation.

Frame shaping

Our group has developed 4 facilities to cut and bend steel for concrete located in Switzerland in Schaffhausen, Reiden, Moudon and in France in Bonneville in the Haute Savoie region.

We deliver 150.000 tons of steel a year to French and Swiss Construction and Public Works companies, for concrete and welded wire mesh projects.

Finishing works

We perform most finishing works that can possibly be done on flat and long steel products distributed by us :

- cutting,
- drilling,
- blasting,
- painting,
- oxycutting.

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